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Are your loved ones prepared for uncertain times ahead? Will they have enough financial resources to weather rough times? Do they have a nest egg to count on later in life? These are tough, important questions, and questions that have great answers if we know where to look. 


With so much uncertainty int he world, why not make an investment on behalf of your child, grandchild, niece, or nephew? Give them something this year that will change their life. Give them something to remember you by for generations as they pass this legacy investment off to their grandchildren someday. Instead of getting them a gift they’ll lose or get bored of in 6 months, get your loved ones a gift that keeps on giving generation after generation. A gift that will pass on your wise investment legacy and set them up for a stable future.

The Gift Of A Teak Parcel Will Do All Of This And More:

  • Timber is one of the safest and most secure asset classes (renowned hedge fund manager Jeremy Grantham predicts it to be the best performing asset class this decade)

  • Internationally diversify their portfolio

  • Achieve security and peace of mind knowing Mother Nature will do her thing

  • Meaningfully contribute to the sustainability of the reforestation efforts

  • Give your children and grandchildren a jumpstart on their college education fund


Request the free recording  to find out how and why the “Top 1%” always seem to come out on top and how you can too. Even during recessions, stock market crashes, and bursting real estate bubbles, these folks win. A gift of Teak might not have the shine and dazzle of a new bike or a gaming system, but when harvest comes, the recipient of this gift will certainly be thanking you for helping them secure their financial future.

Bonus: Need a Plan "B" if your home country goes off the rails? See how you can protect the most important asset you possess. You!

During this online event, you will

Discover The Wonderful World of Teak
Have you ever wondered what hidden techniques the ultra-wealthy use to generate and steward wealth long term? he secret is simpler than you may think; timber has been a proven investment vehicle owned by the ultra-wealthy for years because of the real value, proven worth and long-term strategy. Today, over 350 folks have already decided to own teak with Teak Hardwoods.
Explore Generational Wealth Stewardship & Second Residency Opportunities
Owning Teak means ownership of an agricultural hard asset, combining land and production of a commodity that is in historically high demand. And with the ease and affordability of this Teak for Residency Program, this opportunity is perfect for folks who want to diversify and have options.
Review Ownership Opportunities in Panama & Nicaragua
Discover ownership opportunities in Latin America with 0-Year Old Teak and 15 Year Old Teak. Own your tropical teak trees in Panama or Nicaragua now & receive a genuine certified teak cutting board for the holidays.

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