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Concerned about the future of our country? So are we. 

Give yourself an option by obtaining one of the easiest and affordable residencies in the world through the successful Teak for Residency program in Nicaragua.


Nicaragua Investor Residency
Program Overview

  1. Who can apply for the Investor Residency?

    You are able to apply for the Investor Residency as long as you invest a minimum of $30,000 US in teak at Gran Pacifica.

  2. What is the cost of the Investor Residency?

    Typically, the cost per residency is $200 per applicant and $650 in legal fees per person, for a total of $850/applicant.   Dependents can be added for an additional $850 per applicant. Note that this rate may be higher if you are from a “gray country,” as defined by the Nicaragua government. Gray countries include, but are not limited to, Nigeria, Afghanistan, India, Ghana and China.

  3. Who can be considered a dependent?

    Dependents are considered the spouse (must have valid marriage certificate) and their children (no older than 18 years old).  If your child is older than 18 years old, s/he can apply for residency with his/her own parcel.

  4.  Do I need to visit in person to apply and what is the timeline to receiving residency?

    Yes, submission of documents must be done in person, and your attorney will submit the documentation for you. You are required to be in Nicaragua for at least 30 days after applying. Residency is typically issued 90 days after applying, but can take longer.

  5. How often do I need to be in Nicaragua to maintain residency?

    There are no minimum requirements after you receive your residency.  However, you must be present in Nicaragua as you’re going through the residency process (see above).

  6. For how long is this residency valid?

    The investor residency is valid for 5 years and is renewable thereafter.


  1.  Can this residency lead to citizenship?

    Yes, you can apply for a passport after 5 years of having residency. Please note, amongst other requirements, you will need to take a language (Spanish) test.  Also note that Nicaragua does not allow for dual 

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