Teak Advantage and Overview - Nicaragua News Apr 2016

Teak Hardwoods Plantation

Join the World’s Wealthiest 1%

Enjoy a lifestyle you have only dreamed about!

Teak Advantages

  • Trees grow no matter what happens in the economy – peace of mind.
  • You get title to the land.
  • You own the trees.
  • Professionally managed.
    • All operations of the farm, clearing, production and shipping are handled by the management company.
  • Exceptionally hard, heavy, strong & oily resistant to insects, fungus, rot valuable to shipbuilders for boats and yachts.
  • Used for fine furniture.
  • Prices continue to rise because of real worth.
  • Teak is being harvested at a rate 8-12 times the rate of replanting.
  • Board values have been on the rise.
  • Green and responsible. 

“They [trees] grow through recessions. They grow through wars. They grow through stock and real estate crashes. They grow through everything. They give you built-in investment growth that isn't guaranteed with a stock..”

– Dr. Steve Sjuggerud,
Founder, Editor of True Wealth



  • Offer: 1 hectare, first 15 years of annual fees paid! ($3,750 value).

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