Understanding Teak Investments

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Are You Looking for a Plan B? Second Residency? Generational Income?

You have come to the right place.

Timber has proven to be an extremely lucrative investment for the top 1% for centuries. The wise and the wealthy have owned timber to grow their wealth, protect their future, and leave a legacy for successive generations.

You are prudent to be taking the first step towards a healthy financial future through ownership of teak. Depending on your investment goals and timeline, Teak Hardwoods has established multiple programs offering a variety of different aged teak for you to consider, including entry-pricing opportunities starting at only $6,880/parcel.




1. You receive title to your land with ownership of the trees on your land.

2. You benefit from tax-deferred growth. Literally watch your assets grow no matter the economic climate.

3.You have the option to easily protect your personal freedom through a second residency.


Discover the options available to you in both Nicaragua and Panama!



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